tractor-fixing day

September 13, 2014


Today was tractor=fixing day, as is most any day the Farmall H is needed.  It's tough on the psyche..  You show up, mind synced on completing chore X, internal momentum ready to burst and get 'er done.  And then she doesn't start.  Battery dead?  Solenoid burned out?  Something more basically fatal that requires a eulogy and trip to the dump?  If you're me, the well of knowledge is shallow from which to make a diagnosis.  When in doubt, call Brother Mike the Sometimes Wise..


Today was relatively easy -- remove the starter and spin it manually a few times in case it was stuck.  Scrape gunk from battery cable connectors with pocket knife.  Lo and behold, a start.  And she purrs like a kitten.  See for yourself.  


I remind you:  built in 1950.


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