in response to your question, re: the future

September 28, 2014

Dear Mary:


Thank you for your recent inquiry, re:  the future.   This topic is never more than a moment away here at Lovehops Farm.  Always imminent, yet somehow also uncertain.  I think it may help to address your question about the future of Lovehops Farm t-shirts from the perspective of quantum physics.


At the quantum level, each possible future scenario can be thought of as a point on a probability curve.   I don’t really know what this means, but it boils down to the odd fact that—according to science in all her rigour--everything possible could and actually will happen eventually, given enough time.  A horse pours your coffee?  Maybe tomorrow.  A mountain is sent in an envelope?  Check back on Wednesday.  Blueberries propel machine-gun style from your nostrils?  All you can do is wait.  Unfortunately, it would take more than the lifetime of the entire universe for most of the “prossibilities” to come to pass (me, paragraph 2, today).  Some physicists think that we live in an ever- expanding multiverse, in which every option is played out simultaneously all the time, in nearby but mutually-undetectable parallel universes.   I’m not clear on that.


And so it goes with your tshirt concerns.  In at least one future reality, yes, more t-shirts are available in time for your holiday gift-giving.  But what else might happen?   Who knows if they’ll be the same ones available for purchase right now, but for only one more week?  Or what if there are new, must-have designs and colors that you'll need to stay on the cutting edge of hops farming couture?  And what if Michael Stipe wears a dozen different Lovehops Farm shirts to a nationally televised awards show, gradually removing them one by one as political theater and social commentary, and then the recording of him doing so goes viral, and those original Lovehops Farm shirts become art house exorbitant overnight? 


It’s hard to know how the choices we make in, say, the coming week, will interweave with future possibilities to ultimately form the tapestry of our lives.  One thing that is certain is that no shirt design is printed unless at least 10 are ordered before the deadline established at the Lovehops Farm Market on the Teespring website. 


Which in this case is one more week.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to imagine what future possibilities could be created if you ask them.



Lovehops Farm T-shirt Order Processing Manager


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