2015 Harvest Results Are IN

September 1, 2015

Today we received good news via analyses of the Lovehops 2015 harvest. Our alpha and beta acids look fantastic relative to industry averages.  Cohumulones are a little low, but in the ballpark.  Special thanks to BrewLaboratory for super quick turnaround time with the analyses.  Here’s the data: 

This being the third Lovehops harvest, it’s easy to see developmental leaps along the way:


  • Year 1:  Hey, they grow.  Smell good.  This is gonna be EASY!

  • Year 2:  Yes I have sourced and installed utility poles.  I now know where Ed’s Rigging Co. is located.  This is large scale farm art.  Hm…sure are a lotta weeds.

  • Year 3:  Greater volume, serious hours, processed correctly.  DIY picker.  Happy results, chemical free

  • (Plans for) Year 4:  Horticultural improvements to increase yield, new time savers in the yard, processing improvements, intensified business planning 


There’s a great deal to reflect on now that the slower pace of autumn chores is in swing.  It’s been a meaningful year.  More to come.



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