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November 10, 2015

I took the Gallup Entrepreneurial Strengths Finder recently.  As an entrepreneur, I am ROCKING these characteristics:

  • Delegator……..mmmmmmok…….great.  I’m good at getting others to do stuff.  No matter that I did endless hopsyard weeding last year on my hands and knees.  Apparently my top talent is to pass things off. 

    Feelin’ Gallup Good so far!

  • Disrupter:  brimming with new ideas and novel ways to move the business forward.  Oooh ya, that's more like it.  Self-made hops picker, anyone?

  • Confidence:  strong self-belief and ability to convince others of such.  I am Andrew Wyeth and my medium is faking it ‘til you make it.

  • Knowledge:  constantly obsessing about information that yields fantastical visions of me declaring victory.


So according to Gallup, I am basically an empty suit.  But that’s not all!  You know what entrepreneurial characteristic of mine got DEAD LAST? 






Way to go, Jonny Entrep!   What do you do, give out grants for a living?  Spent your entire career in the non-profit sector?  Been following your bliss all these years? 


If you're generating measurable value, there's no need to inquire here at Lovehops Farm.  We're just not into that. 


Ok yes we are.  Please help.  Only you can save me from this hellish business plan nightmare.  BUY ONE OF THESE SHIRTS.  You don’t even have to like it.  Consider it a charitable contribution and use it to polish your hard-earned hubcaps.   


Go --> Gallup.  Go --> Do.




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