May all plans fritter away so well

November 11, 2015


What a pleasure to announce that Lovehops Farm’s 2015 harvest will be available to Kansas City palates through Green Room Burgers and Beer!  According to the proprietors’ strategically targeted public announcement

(to me),  “We put your hops in a cask of our Papa Louie’s IPA and it is marvelous!”  


(I can neither confirm nor deny that the

were nearby when this statement was released.)


Of course, all this happened exactly as it wasn’t planned, further supporting my hypothesis that plans fall apart so what needs to happen may.  This raises legitimate questions about the wisdom of planning in the first place.   Not only was the Green Room connection not anticipated, but the entire exchange from introduction to delivery to payment happened in an absolute minimum number of steps.  It was both unintended and efficient.  Bonus!


So I say it’s better to have an overall orienting purpose, then let the details reveal themselves day by day.  Banks don’t like to hear this, or anyone else who makes a living writing, reviewing, or making legal determinations of business plans. 


But for the rest of us, it’s a much more accurate description of reality.  Life’s not an equation to be manipulated…it’s more like improv with (other) curious monkeys.


So you might as well go buy a shirt.




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